Tips to Get the Right Consistency When Using PERMACOLOR® Select Grout

Learn some easy tips from guest blogger, Jeremy Von Ruden of LATICRETE Sales, to make sure PERMACOLOR® Select grout is the proper consistency for use on your project. 

Guest Blog by: Jeremy Von Ruden, LATICRETE Sales

Tips to Getting PERMACOLOR Select Grout Consistency Correct

Sometimes installers have questions on the consistency of PERMACOLOR® Select grout. This system is designed to be extremely consistent, however, understanding the unconventional mixing instructions gives people pause. 

Here are a few things to remember when you are reading the grout installation instructions: 

1. Color packs go into pre-measured water. 0.9-1.1 L per one color pack. One color pack is for a 12.5 lbs of base. 
2. Always stir up the pigmented water to agitate the pigments and bring them into full suspension right before you add to the base. 
3. Mix for a minute and let slake for 5 minutes so the chemistry can “do its thing”, then mix again for at least a minute. This will give you the optimal working time and workability for the grout. 
4. NEVER add water if the grout seems to be getting stiff and hard to use. This will tell the grout to start kicking off even faster. Just whip it at a slow speed, or fold it with the margin trowel. 
5. If you are unsure of the water onsite, use bottled water for the mixing and cleanup. It’s worth a few dollars to avoid issues with funky city or well water.
6. Pay attention to the water temperature you are using; make sure it is at least room temperature or cooler. Same with the grout itself – keep the material in a cool dry place. Making sure the water and the material stays cool will do wonders for your working time. Remember this is a fast-setting grout, so using warm water or warm grout powder will greatly shorten pot life.

Many color issues / complaints with the grout are usually from mixing improperly. Below are pictures showing what happens if you let the pigments settle in the water and you forget to bring them back to suspension. 

Grout after water has set and pigments settled for 60 seconds

In the picture above, the mix water has been setting for 3-4 minutes. The water has turned a lighter blue. The majority of the pigments have settled to the bottom of the bucket.
The next picture shows the pigments in full suspension after agitating the water. Notice you can see the bottom of the bucket clearly.

After grout pigments settled for 3 to 4 minutes

Look at the grout clumps here! The left clump is after the pigments have settled for 60 seconds, the center clump is the true color when pigments are in full suspension, and the right picture is after 3+ minutes of pigments settling. Consistency is directly related to procedure. Hopefully this gives a better visual on what happens during the mixing stages.  

Grout clumps

We want you to have a successful install! 

For complete instructions, review data sheet DS-281 >

If you have questions, please reach out to your local LATICRETE Sales Rep or our Technical Services Team (live chat, call or email) at 

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