Iconic Infinity Edge Pool Featured in Crazy Rich Asians Movie Installed with LATICRETE Products

Last month we shared a blog post about the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore getting a major face lift in part for the Warner Bros. blockbuster movie Crazy Rich Asians.

Last month we shared a blog post about the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore getting a major face lift in part for the Warner Bros. blockbuster movie Crazy Rich Asians. The 130-year old hotel completed renovations using several LATICRETE products such as: Restoration Plaster, 325 Cementitious Adhesive, 1600 Tri-Poly Fortified Unsanded Grout and SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout – epoxy grout.

This was not the only iconic hotel featured in the Crazy Rich Asiansmovie that showcases LATICRETE products used. On top of the iconic triple tower at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino sits the infinity edge swimming pool where an important scene takes place. The pool spans the three towers and is waterproofed and tiled with the LATICRETE system! No one else in the world besides LATICRETE could handle a pool project of this magnitude and warranty it! The mosaic tiled pool spans over the three 55-story hotel skyscrapers and measures over three times that of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Marina Bay Sands Pool in the Sky
Marina Bay Sands Pool in the Sky

The Marina Bay Sands “Pool in the Sky” project was completed in 2011 using a variety of LATICRETE products including:

LATAPOXY® 300 Adhesive – epoxy adhesive for bond strength and flexibility required
Pool Tile Installation using SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout– an epoxy grout used for the pool grout because of its unmatched stain-resistance and color consistency and ability to withstand the constant presence of pool chemicals added to maintain a healthy balance of water for the pool users
LATICRETE 9118 Primer - to create a more tenacious bond with LATASIL™ at all pipe penetrations, changes in plane and expansion joints
LATASIL™ - 100% silicone sealant with exceptional flexibility and helps further protect the rooftop infinity-edge pool system

 Crazy Rich Asians Movie Pool in the Sky
Crazy Rich Asians Movie Pool in the Sky

This amazing project was done by local architect, Aedas, Pte Ltd out of Singapore and installer, Sangyong Engineering Construction Co Ltd. All installation products were supplied by LATICRETE Southeast Asia Pte Ltd.

“It’s an architectural wonder. For building projects like this one they select only the best products. It’s really a confirmation for us that the industry has recognized the quality of products from LATICRETE and our expertise in swimming pool applications.” said LATICRETE President, International, Erno de Brujn


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