They Loved Their Garage Flooring so Much, They Came Back for Seconds!

Evan and Victoria Shanks were so thrilled with their recent shop floor done with SPARTACOTE® resinous flooring products, Victoria wanted to have her “she garage” transformed too! 

Evan and Victoria Shanks were so thrilled with their recent shop floor done with SPARTACOTE® resinous flooring products, Victoria wanted to have her “she garage” transformed too! 

Finished custom garage flooring done with SPARTACOTE resinous floor coatings

Photo Credit: Evan Shanks

Watch the resinous flooring project in action in this video produced by Evan Shanks at Five Three Supply >> 

The team at LATICRETE along with Business Flooring Specialists out of Fort Worth, Texas, USA completed this project in just 3 days! Here’s how they did it: 

1. The concrete slab was prepped by shotblasting the floor to a CSP 3 (learn what Concrete Surface Profile means).
2. The concrete garage had several large cracks running through it which were repaired with SPARTACOTE® FAST FIX™ urethane and L&M™ DURACRETE™ patching compound and resurfacing mortar.  
3. When all of the floor was prepped, they applied a base layer of tinted black VAPOR BAN™ ER (black) moisture vapor barrier to the entire floor.  

VAPOR BAN Primer ER moisture vapor barrier used on garage floor

4. After the moisture vapor barrier had cured, they sanded the floor to remove any surface imperfections, did an acetone wipe, and then proceeded to lay out tape lines for the spaces the cars were going to be parked.  
5. Those areas were done with SPARTACOTE® FLEX XPL polyaspartic floor coating with Caviar metallic powder and a little black and silver glitter. It was then allowed to fully cure. 
6. The walking areas around the cars was done with a custom blend of chips that included: 90% white flake blend (1/8”) with 5% silver and 5% black flake broadcast into clear SPARTACOTE® FLEX XPL and the floor was allowed to dry 2-3 hours.

SPARTACOTE resinous floor coatings on residential garage

7. The chips were then scraped and the excess flakes were vacuumed.  
8. The garage floor was top coated with the flake (chip) with SPARTACOTE® FLEX XPL Low Gloss topcoat for a satin finish.
9. They then used SPARTACOTE® Urethane Floor Sealer WB Urethane (satin) floor sealer on the black metallic spaces.  
10. A stripe of white metallic was added around the spaces and lift to provide a clean finish.

Thank you to the Team at Business Flooring Specialists, Evan and Victoria Shanks and LATICRETE team members Troy Wick and Jon Shelton. 

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Watch the video from Evan on the first custom garage floor project >> 

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