The Journey from Tile Installer to LATICRETE Sales Rep


Ron Nash interviews Adam Wilson, former owner of Icon Tile turned LATICRETE Sales Representative. 

Adam Wilson, LATICRETE Sales Rep for California and Northern Nevada

Adam Wilson, LATICRETE Sales Representative

During our Customer Appreciation Tour of parts of the Western United States, Ron Nash, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing North America had a chance to meet up with customers as well as several LATICRETE team members. 

In this podcast he interviews, Adam Wilson, a 1 year veteran of the LATICRETE sales team in California. They discuss his roots and how his passion for the “art” of tile installation drove him to start his own tile installation company, Icon Tile in Northern California. 

Ron asks, “When I’m done with setting tile I’m going to become a rep. Why is this a good idea or bad idea?” Hear what Adam said and what his journey looked like as he transitioned to become a LATICRETE Sales Rep for California and Northern Nevada. 


>> Click here to listen to the podcast >> 

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