Why should we be concerned with the pH of cleaners for natural stone?

Knowing the pH level of cleaners for natural stone will allow you to know if it will strip the sealers or etch the stone. 

Cleaners for natural stone  

Knowing the pH level of the cleaners will allow you to know if it will strip the sealers or etch the stone. 

Acidic cleaners are less than 7 on the pH scale. They are used to help control and remove mineral deposits, cement grout and mortar haze, efflorescence, and surface rust.

Product Recommendation: STONETECH® Restore would be the ideal acidic grout cleaner for this type of deposit removal

Neutral or gentle cleaners are 7 or close to 7 on the pH scale. These cleaners are used for maintenance and daily cleaning routines.

Product Recommendations: Cleaners like STONETECH Stone &Tile Cleaner, STONETECH Revitalizer and quartz cleaner and porcelain tile options like STONETECH Quartz & Tile Cleaner

Alkaline cleaners are between 7-14 on the pH Scale. The cleaners are for heavy duty or restorative cleaning, alkaline removal or reduce heavy soiling caused by oils, greases, fats, waxes, heavy surface soiling.

Product Recommendations: STONETECH® KlenzAll™ Cleaner (a great slate cleaner plus can be used on natural stone, tile, masonry and grout) and STONETECH® DeepKlenz™ Cleaner

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