Top 10 Favorite LATICRETE Products – Told to Us by Our Facebook Fans


Top 10 Favorite LATICRETE Products – Told to Us by Our Facebook Fans

Earlier this month we ran a contest on our LATICRETE International Facebookpage asking our followers to tell us which two LATICRETE products were their favorite and why. We received over 275 responses! We randomly selected three lucky winners from those who commented on our post. The winners each got to choose two great prizes! 
Congrats to our winners: Paul Luccia of Cabot & Rowe in Texas, Elmar Roennig of Coastline Flooring & Design in Alabama and Kris Klinge in Texas! 
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We compiled all the responses from our contest and have come up with the top 10 favorite LATICRETE products told to us by our Facebook fans. See them below along with comments from our fans.
1. HYDROBAN® - the industry’s premier standard in liquid applied, thin, load bearing, waterproof, anti-fracture membrane. The product that started it All! 
“Easiest to install product of their kind, bulletproof, consistent and provides the best in industry warranty.”
“It's wicked. Super easy to apply! Saves time and money!”


2. PERMACOLOR®Select – advanced high performance cement grout offering the industry’s first dispersible dry pigment solution
“Color consistent, workability and I can stock all 40 colors on one shelf.”
“Best grout on the planet! True color every time, workability A+, select any color is very cool, and you can also get a few colors off the custom grout chart. Seriously, I love all your products and will continue to try out all of them with confidence. Thank you!” 


3. TRI-LITE™ - lightweight, high performance tri-purpose mortar designed for large and heavy tile, thin bed and wall installations.
“The best period no explanation needed. Non-sag and gives the shower system a 25 year warranty! Rad stuff!!”
“Is one of the most versatile thinsets, and so nice to work with. It’s creamy smooth, and holds the trowel well, non sag, works like a medium bed, the bags are light to carry (old guy friendly).”
4. SPECTRALOCK®PRO Premium Grout  – the world’s # epoxy grout
“Easiest to install product of their kind, bulletproof, consistent and provide the best in industry warranty.”
“The color consistency is amazing! I have never had any problems with final color. Workability is superior to other epoxies I've tried.”
5. 254Platinum – one-step, polymer fortified, thin set mortar for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile, stone, quarry tile, pavers and brick
“Tenacious bond which allows you to install over practically everything.”
“It will stick to anything and everything. When doing a premium job nothing less than a premium thinset will do.”


6. ThePEOPLE – while, this isn’t s a product, many responses also included the people of LATICRETE! We’re glad to hear it as our mission is to be a customer-focused company who pride ourselves on the service we offer.
“I must say far and away the best part of LATICRETE is the people who work there. Second-to-none customer service consistently provided by well trained and friendly employees (and owners!) put LATICRETE International, Inc. at the forefront of our industry. Sure they make great products, but that wouldn't mean as much without the people who make it all happen.”
“#1 the team behind the products! I have found that LATICRETE has the best staff in the industry!” 


7. STRATA_MAT™ - Allows you to use the appropriate thin-set mortar for the job, with this next

generation high performance uncoupling membrane you get anti-fracture protection, a quicker time to grout and great adhesion all compliments of the mortar hydration vents.
“It's a money-making, back-saving, technological marvel that provides a lightweight and fast way to give many of our installations the high-end base it deserves!”

“Has been a go-to for the past year now. I actually got local shops to keep it on standby for stock. It makes the job go so much easier and the customer gets an amazing product with an amazing warranty. I like the fact that I can see the coverage as well when installed.”


8. HYDROBAN® Board – made with two layers of waterproof sheet

membrane and XPS you can triple your waterproof protection with this new lightweight, easy to handle, ready to waterproof tile wallboard. No tab washers required on the wall, just add HYDRO BAN liquid, Sheet Membrane or Adhesive & Sealant for the seams and penetrations to get the industry’s most comprehensive warranty!

“It’s so easy to work with and yet stiffer than any other foam board I've worked with.”
“Efficiency = money to an installer. The only way to make more (without stretching your family life thin) is to install more jobs per year. HYDRO BAN Board saves me around 6 hours on the average shower. If I hustle, that's several showers per year I can install in the saved time. Lighter and faster is unbeatable.”


9. 4-XLT - multi-use, polymer fortified adhesive mortar for non-sag wall installations and more
“Is our only choice for thinset/medium bed (we only stock one thinset). It is great for all applications: floors, walls it doesn't slide, interior and exterior and sold together it gets the end user a 10 year warranty. It was a no brainer for us to make the switch, and doing very well with it!”


10. GlassTile Adhesive - one-step, non-sag, polymer fortified adhesive mortar specifically formulated for use in glass tile applications
“We install a lot of glass tile and love to work with GTA. Completely bright white creamy and smooth. Satisfied customers every time.”


Thank you to all who participated in our 'Pick Two' contest. We appreciate the comments and feedback! Stay tuned for our next contest by following our social media pages! 

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