Customer Appreciation Tour Reflections

Ron Nash, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing North America shares his reflections on day 10 of the Customer Appreciation Tour around Western United States..

LATICRETE Customer Appreciation Tour 2020

Haden Lake, Idaho, USA

15 Morning reflections from Day 10 of the Customer Appreciation Tour: 

Guest blog by Ron Nash, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing North America 

  1. This trip has been epic. More than I hoped for.
  2. Want to change your life? Go on a road-trip and express gratitude to people who have supported you and love you. It’s incredibly energizing.
  3. Saying “Thank You” and meaning it is life-changing.
  4. I’ve been down in the southwestern deserts, in and out of Los Angeles, through the essential valleys of California where our food comes from.
  5. Oregon and Washington are just spectacular. Great people. Great scenery. Creative messy people who make life interesting.
  6. I’m happy to report that California is still dreamin’. It’s still there. Good kind humans in California. My people. They take care of me. People opened their homes and lives to me. The best is still ahead in Cali, don’t believe the hype.
  7. I saw beautiful orchards. Winery’s and fruit-stands for miles and miles. I even had two lovely young ladies with a local FFA teach me about pigs they raised for fundraising. No doubt they are our future leaders of America. We are in good hands.
  8. I have felt the chill of the cool mountain air on my sunburned face as I slipped into the mountains for a quick 30 min hike to break up the drive. Did I see Mountains? Yes. I saw Rainer, Hood, St. Helens, and Mt. Shasta. Today I will be brushing past the Tetons. I’m sure I’m missing some.
  9. I’ve had some awesome conversations.
  10. I feel like I’ve walked through a desert to a mountain oasis of hope and optimism.
  11. This trip is ending soon.
  12. I miss my Tiff and babies.
  13. Tomorrow South to Ogden. My home. My mountain.
  14. I’ve met so many fantastic people. I’ve collected so many interviews. It went WAY beyond meetings with customers. It was like seeing extended family.
  15. I’m happy to report that the best is still ahead of us. The west is very optimistic. It’s full of people who know how to struggle and push through to take on the next challenge.


"The future doesn’t look easy, but it definitely looks optimistic. The best is still ahead for America." - Ron Nash, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing, North America

Ron Nash, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing North America during Customer Appreciation Tour

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