Car Enthusiasts Garage Gets Glow in the Dark Resinous Floors


Learn how car enthusiast, mechanic and YouTuber, Evan Shanks received a one-of-a-kind, custom, glow-in-the-dark polyaspartic garage floor from the team at LATICRETE. 


Evan Shanks, a mechanic, car enthusiast, YouTube Influencer and good friend of LATICRETE, is the happy recipient of a brand, new custom SPARTACOTE® CHIP (flake) floor! 

Troy Wicks, Jon Shelton, Jeff Bonkiewicz of LATICRETE and the Team at Business Flooring Specialists of Fort Worth, Texas, USA, all teamed up with Evan’s company Five Three Supply to deliver this fabulous, customized, glow-in-the-dark, resinous floor. 

Glow in the dark resinous flooring at Evan Shanks garage


>>> Click here to watch the video that Evan created showing the process from prep work to finished floors. 

The resinous floor coating system consists of the following SPARTACOTE® products: 

  • VAPOR BAN™ ER pigmented white as the base primer coat and the moisture mitigation system

VAPOR BAN ER moisture vapor barrier being installed at Evan Shanks garage


  • Custom SPARTACOTE® Blended Chip (flake) in red, black, white and blue. Plus don’t forget these custom ordered chips have a glow-in-the-dark property in them so they glow when the lights are turned off!

SPARTACOTE resinous flooring installed at Evan Shanks garage


SPARTACOTE resinous flooring installed at Evan Shanks garage


  • SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL (clear) topcoat with SPARTACOTE® GRIP Traction Additive to help give the floor grip to make it slip resistant, making it safer to walk and work on.
  • The work was performed over four days, including concrete surface prep on day 1 consisting of a shot blast to an ICRI CSP.

Special Thank You to Matt, Ken, and the Team at Business Flooring Specialists! And, of course, to Evan and Victoria Shanks! If you don't follow them on social media, check them out at:

Instagram >> 
YouTube >>

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