Our role as a manufacturer is to not only make quality products that are healthier to work with, but to also provide access to safety education and alternative installation techniques to help lower the staggering injury and ailment statistics associated within our industry. We care about our industry, and we care about you. 

Construction is a physically demanding occupation, but a vital part of our nation and economy. This workforce handles tasks that range from carrying heavy loads to performing repetitive tasks to safely navigating often chaotic jobsites, placing them at risk of serious injury. Because of the physically demanding nature of this work, injuries such as strains, sprains, breathing issues and work-related musculoskeletal disorders are so prevalent and are the most common injuries resulting in days away from work.  

We’re here to help you! We’ve pulled together the top sources of health and safety information specifically for the construction industry. This will help increase your awareness and provide education about potential issues that can affect you. This data offers practical ideas to help reduce the risk of repetitive stress injury in common construction tasks. While some solutions may need the involvement of the building owner or general contractor, there are also many ideas that individual workers and supervisors can adopt.

Project Safety is evolving. We'll be developing additional information and resources on the safety challenges below — please be sure to check back regularly. 


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