One Floor. One System. One Time.

You want a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing floor. You want a floor that's durable—built to last. You want an environmentally-friendly floor, one that does not require harsh abrasives, solvents, nor waxes to clean it. How about a LEED-Green floor that's easy to clean and certified as "High Traction" by the NFSI?

You get all this and more with FGS PermaShine polished concrete.

The FGS Permashine polished concrete system gives you:

  • A solution designed and engineered to last for decades
  • A concrete polishing system approved and certified "High Traction" by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Complies with all ADA and OSHA requirements for interior floors
  • Save thousands in maintenance expenses every year
  • Breathe easy with the FGS low dust dry grind process
  • Degree of polish to your facility's unique specs
  • Dynamic color options with Vivid Dye™
  • Little downtime for installation

Now you can get the appeal of shine and color, the long-term advantages of durability, slip resistance, and low maintenance costs in one floor system.

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