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A low VOC, ready to use, non-residual concrete curing compound.


Product Overview

L&M CURE is a low VOC, ready to use, non-residual concrete curing compound. It is a water-based clear sprayable liquid that offers residual free performance. L&M CURE is odor-free and is ideal for use in non-vented areas where odor-free products are essential, such as retrofit construction, tunnels, and chimneys. L&M CURE can be easily applied to both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. L&M CURE meets the moisture retention of ASTM C -309 Type 1D, Class B on hard-troweled concrete surfaces.


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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with subsequent toppings
  • Stain free and residual free concrete
  • No odor
  • Low VOC
  • Improves the compressive strength of treated concrete when compared to uncured or improperly cured concrete
  • Applies easily with conventional spray equipment

Product Specifications


Product # 8-10-25X-106X
Patent #(s)
Available Colors
Part of System LATICRETE®
Country Availability Canada, United States
Substrates Freshly Poured Concrete
Packaging Summary
  • 5 gal (18.9L) Plastic Pail
  • 55 gal (208.2L) Drum

Available Warranties

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