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Match today's popular finishes with aluminum tile edge trim to create a seamless transition between materials.



Product Overview

Alumium tile edge trim designed to match today's most popular finishes, creating seamless looks across an entire project. L-Shape Edge Profiles Made of Anodized Aluminum are perfect for high-traffic areas to protect tile edges and transition between materials, while still creating a clean, seamless border in today's most popular finishes. A great alternative to bullnose stone and tile trim.

Made from the finest raw materials, and milled to precision, these aluminum tile edge trim pieces blend seamlessly into walls, floors, and more! Backed by a complete system warranty in both residential and commercial settings.

Features & Benefits

  • Offered in today's most popular finishes 
  • Create a clean, professional appearance
  • Protect unfinished tile edges from chipping and cracking
  • Delineate transitions between materials of the same height
  • Designed for floor, wall, or countertop installations
  • Cover all installation scenarios, and a variety of flooring materials beyond just tile 
  • Premium quality aluminum tile edge trim, milled from the finest raw materials
  • Ideal choice over stone or tile trim alternatives
  • Bendable profiles available featuring an open mounting leg for curves and radiuses

Product Specifications


Product #
Patent #(s)
Available Colors/Finishes
Part of System LATICRETE®
Country Availability Canada, United States
Substrates LATICRETE Profiles & Trims are compatible with LATICRETE Adhesive & Mortar products
Packaging Summary
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