Product #

HYDRO BAN® XP is a single component self-curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless antifracture waterproofing membrane.


Product Overview

HYDRO BAN XP can be used for waterproofing and crack protection in a variety of interior and exterior spaces in residential, commercial and industrial settings. For use in indoor applications such as: steam showers and steam rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and food processing areas, countertops and facades. Plus it’s a perfect exterior waterproofing membrane for swimming pools, fountains/water features, spas and hot tubs, terraces and balconies (over unoccupied spaces). 

It’s equipped with Microban® antimicrobial product protection to protect the membrane against the growth of microbes including bacteria, mold and mildew.

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Features & Benefits

  • Curing temperature range ≥ 35°F or higher allows it to cure in a variety of different environmental conditions and substrate temperatures
  • ASTM E96 Rated for steam showers and steam rooms
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A118.10, the most widely accepted waterproofing standard    
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A118.12, providing 1/8" (3.175 mm) anti-fracture protection (no fabric required)
  • 2 Hours to flood test† so you can expedite the installation process 
  • Extra heavy Robinson Rating for a durable, long lasting install
  • Cure indicator – color changing technology gives you peace-of-mind and ease of inspection
  • Equipped with Microban® antimicrobial technology to protect the waterproofing membrane    † HYDRO BAN® XP can be flood tested in 2 hours when the waterproofing membrane is cured and the substrate is 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH or greater for 2 hours. The 2 hour period starts when the HYDRO BAN XP color has changed from a sage green to a dark olive green color indicating a cured liquid waterproofing membrane. If the substrate and the air temperature are lower than 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH, flood testing can not be performed until the HYDRO BAN XP color has changed from a sage green to dark olive green color and then 24 hours has lapsed.

Product Specifications


Product # 9250-0401-2 / 9250-0005-2 / 9250-1275-2
Patent #(s)
Available Colors/Finishes
Part of System LATICRETE®
Country Availability Canada, United States
Substrates Cement Backer Board, Cement Mortar Bed, Cement Plaster, Cement Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile and Stone, Ceramic Tile and Stone, Concrete, Concrete and Brick Masonry, Exterior Glue Plywood, Gypsum Plaster, Gypsum Wallboard, HYDRO BAN Board, Poured Gypsum Underlayment, Self-Leveling and Patching Compounds
Packaging Summary

1 Gallon -  4 x 1 gal (3.8 L) pails of liquid packed in a carton (30 cartons/pallet)

5 Gallon -  (18.9 L) pail liquid (36 commercial units/pallet)

275 Gallon - (1041 L) 1 Tote


1 Gallon -  50 ft2 (4.6 m2)

5 Gallon -  250 ft2 (23.2 m2)

275 Gallon - 13,750 ft2 (1,277 m2)

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