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Used to create a cove between the wall and already installed flooring. The cove abuts the vertical tile and sits on top of the horizontal surface. 



Product Overview

Used to create a cove between the tiled wall and already installed flooring. They provide edge protection against chipping and cracking of the unfinished tile edge and a smooth, easy-to-clean transition.  The cove profile installs at the time of wall installation and sits on top of the existing flooring. Available in Anodized Aluminum and Texture Coated Aluminum. Suitable for residential and commercial projects.  


Available Anodized Aluminum Finishes:

  • SAT - Satin
  • BCR - Brushed Chrome
  • SNI - Satin Nickel
  • BNI - Brushed Nickel


Available Texture Coated Aluminum Finishes:

  • GRG - Greige
  • IVO - Ivory
  • LAN - Light Anthracite
  • STG - Stone Grey


Available Texture Coated Grout Corresponding Finishes:

  • ANW - Antique White
  • DKH - Desert Khaki
  • CBR - Chestnut Brown
  • MOC - Mocha
  • DUG - Dusty Grey
  • RAV - Raven

Features & Benefits

  • Creates an easy-to-clean joint
  • Eliminates the need for caulking
  • Creates a clean, professional appearance
  • Protect the tile from chipping and cracking

Product Specifications


Product #
Patent #(s)
Available Colors
Part of System LATICRETE®
Country Availability Canada, United States
Substrates LATICRETE Profiles & Trims are compatible with LATICRETE Adhesive & Mortar products
Packaging Summary
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