LATICRETE® is proud to be a part of America's great innovation and expertise as our nation continues to build with concrete.


To treat the elevated parking decks and exterior walkways with a premium water repellent. AQUAPEL PLUS™ was used because of its easy application, deep penetration and long-lasting protection against salt laden ocean breezes and subsequent corrosion due to chloride ion contamination. AQUAPEL PLUS™ is water based, odorless and an environmental-friendly product that has been proven safe to use


This structure is located in a temperate climate, ocean breezes bring along recordable levels of chloride ion in the form of mists from the sea. AQUAPEL PLUS™ provides long-lasting protection of the concrete reinforcing steel through an effective chloride ion screen that can be relied upon with a properly installed coat of AQUAPEL PLUS™. Its active ingredients are new generation silane/siloxane molecular blended water repellents which provide deep penetration along with excellent surface perimeter protection from water and chloride ion penetration without film formation.

Project Specifications:

Project: San Francisco International Airport

Location: San Francisco, California

Architect: Skidmore, Owens & Merrill

Contractor: Tutor-Saliba Corp. in joint venture with Perini Corp. and Buckley & Co.

Distributor: Level Supply Company

LATICRETE® Products Used:

  • AQUAPEL PLUS™ on parking decks & exterior walkways
  • Non-slip GRIP IT™ on sloped pedestrian walkways
  • L&M CURE R™ throughout


Total cost: Approx. $3.5-billion

Opening: December 2000

Employees: 34,000

Cargo/yr: 771,930 metric tons

Passengers/yr: 40-million

Parking revenue/yr: $75-million

AQUAPEL PLUS™ treated area: 500,000 sq. ft.

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