New ASU central plant expansion picks DEBOND® form release agent by LATICRETE®

Arizona State University's new West Campus project required a lot of renovation and demolition. It also brought opportunities for new construction through the "Central Plant Expansion" at the heart of the project. Recognizing the inherent challenges of steep walls and poured-in-place construction, DPR Construction chose a high-performance form release agent, DEBOND® by LATICRETE, for the new Central Plant Expansion. The results? "DEBOND® performed magnificently!" said DPR's Steve Mitchell. "It's almost a shame to seal and backfill these walls. They’re so beautiful!"

To pump deep, poured-in-place foundation walls (approx. 40 ft. underground). The contractor had to rely on the most reliable form release agent available on the market due to the extreme placement conditions at the job site.

Challenges: Besides the deep pump depth, the concrete forms had to cleanly release "the first time, every time" in order for the poured-in-place job to move along. In temperatures approaching 100° and low humidity, the contractor couldn't rely on just anything but the best form release agent available. Placement of the pumped concrete into forms over two stories underground required special forming, special drainage and the proper backfill. Due to the extreme height of the forms, the pour had to follow rigid placement guidelines.

Product Specifications: DEBOND® form coating is the highest performance chemical release agent from LATICRETE. It eliminates concrete buildup from all types of forms, wood, aluminum, and steel, in all types of weather. Low odor and VOC compliant, DEBOND® forms a water-resistant barrier that greatly reduces form maintenance and concrete surface defects (bugholes). It is less expensive than conventional form oil per square foot and is the most cost-effective extended warranty you can buy for a new set of forms. Low odor DEBOND® contains no diesel fuel or fuel oil and complies with all VOC regulations. It is made from only the highest quality refined materials. The form coating product was first introduced to the construction industry by LATICRETE L&M over 40 years ago.

DEBOND® was used on all forming applications at Arizona State University

Arizona State University project with LATICRETE products

ASU West campus central plant expansion using LATICRETE L&M line of products

Project Specifications:

Form release product used: DEBOND® high-performance form coating
Customer: Arizona State University ASU West Campus Project Central Plant Expansion
Engineer: Joe Micelli, DPR Construction
Project Manager: Greg Blumenthal, DPR Construction
Architects: Gabor-Lorant Architects
Project Superintendent: M.C. Guthire, DPR Construction
Concrete: Steve Mitchell, DPR Construction
LATICRETE Southwest Sales Manager: Ray Hinesly
LATICRETE Distributor: Orco Construction Supply Company, Mesa, AZ
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