1. Better Yield and Coverage Rate

To properly protect a floor, normally about an inch of topping is specified. Let's compare material weights for similar protection:

  • Iron toppings: 18.7 lbs per sq. ft. at 1" depth. (224 lbs/cu. ft.)
  • EMERYTOP 400: Just 14 lbs per sq. ft. at 1" depth. (168 lbs/cu. ft.)

That's a 25% material savings with EMERYTOP 400. Bottom line? Buy Less. Pay Less. Get better protection.

2. Double the Service Life

Abrasion testing indicates that EMERYTOP 400 has approximately twice the service life as that of an iron topping. Chemical testing shows that it more effectively slows the rate of chemical penetration when compared with iron-topped floors. Impact testing proves that EMERYTOP 400 is at least as impact resistant as an iron topping.

3. Ease of Application

Iron toppings are prone to delamination caused by placement difficulties and its inherent drying shrinkage. Iron toppings are required to be anchored to hardened concrete with short nails (anchor pins) and must be glued to the concrete substrate using an epoxy bonding agent.

In contrast, whether EMERYTOP 400 is being installed over freshly placed or hardened concrete, it utilizes a low cost, easy to follow bonding procedure which ensures proper and natural, stress-free bonding of the topping to the base slab. Installing contractors also find the placement of this flowable product easy. This means savings for the contractor and the owner.

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