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A cost effective solution for waterproofing shower applications. The shower installation kit includes all the key components for a waterproof shower. 


Descripción general del producto

The HYDRO BAN® Shower Pan Kit works in conjunction with LATICRETE® tile and stone installation materials, including a variety of adhesives, grouts and caulks. Available in multiple sizes, and site sizable, it fits almost any application where a pre-sloped shower is required – industrial, commercial, and residential bathrooms, as well as stalled gang showers and pet showers.

The Shower Pan Kit comes packaged with the following accessories: Data Sheet, Shower Pan, Curbs to fit the longest side of pan, Adhesive and Sealant (10.3 FL. OZ. cartridge), Sheet Membrane for walls, Sheet Membrane for pan, Sealing Tape for installation, 4 Inside Corners, 2 Outside Corners, 1 Pipe Seal and 1 Mixing Valve Seal. *HYDRO BAN Bonding Flange and polymer fortified thin-set are SOLD SEPARATELY.

Backed by a lifetime system warranty, LATICRETE shower systems provide everything needed for a waterproof shower installation.

Características y ventajas

  • Pre-sloped ready to tile shower pan eliminates the need for traditional mud bed installations
  • Lightweight and durable, easy to transport and handle during installation
  • Can quickly and easily be modified to size on site
  • Sheet Membrane exceeds ANSI A118.10 & ASTM D4068 requirements and is tested to ASTM E96/E96M Procedure E-0.06 Perms – approved for steam showers and steam rooms as a single membrane
  • Membrane is pliable – conforms easily to substrate
  • Membrane installs with a LATICRETE® polymer-fortified thin-set
  • Choose from a complete line of shower accessories and tile and stone installation materials from a single source supplier

Especificaciones del producto


N.º de producto
Patente núm.
Colores disponibles
Parte del sistema LATICRETE®
Substrates Hormigón, Madera contrachapada encolada exterior, Placa de soporte de cemento, Tablero de partículas orientadas (OSB)
Tamaños de envases

Size                                                              Item #

38”x38” CENTER DRAIN KIT              9243-3838-CDK  

48”x48” CENTER DRAIN KIT              9243-4848-CDK

72”x72” CENTER DRAIN KIT              9243-7272-CDK

48”x72” CENTER DRAIN KIT              9243-4872-CDK

32”x60” CENTER DRAIN KIT              9243-3260-CDK

32”x60” OFF CENTER DRAIN KIT      9243-3260-OCDK


Each package includes the following:

HYDRO BAN Shower Pan

HYDRO BAN Curb(s) to fit longest side of pan

HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant 10.3 FL. OZ. cartridge

HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane for walls (roll size below)

HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane for pan

HYDRO BAN Sealing Tape for installation

4 HYDRO BAN Inside Corners

2 HYDRO BAN Outside Corners

1 HYDRO BAN Pipe Seal

1 HYDRO BAN Mixing Valve Seal 

Data Sheet


Each kit contains the following Size roll of Sheet Membrane

Pan Size                                                              Roll Size

38”x38” CENTER DRAIN KIT                98 sq ft

48”x48” CENTER DRAIN KIT              115 sq ft

72”x72” CENTER DRAIN KIT              194 sq ft

48”x72” CENTER DRAIN KIT              148 sq ft

32”x60” CENTER DRAIN KIT              102 sq ft

32”x60” OFF CENTER DRAIN KIT      102 sq ft


Available Warranties

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