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A waterproof sheet membrane that is installed using a substrate appropriate LATICRETE® thin-set.


Descripción general del producto

HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane is a waterproof sheet membrane that is installed using a substrate appropriate LATICRETE® thin-set. Due to its polymeric construction, HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane can also be used as a vapor barrier/waterproofing membrane for steam room and steam shower applications. Available in rolls, tapes, corners and collars, HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane allows for a quick, easy waterproofing installation, which will retain its integrity for the life of the installation.

Características y ventajas

  • ANSI A118.10 - Exceeds all requirements
  • ASTM D4068
  • ASTM E96/E96M Procedure E-0.06 Perms - approved for steam showers / rooms as single membrane
  • IAPMO approved
  • Pliable – conforms easily to substrate
  • Complete line of accessories – single source supply
  • Allows for installation over green mortar beds
  • Installs with modified or unmodified thin-set†
  • Compatible with HYDRO BAN products++
  • † Refer to requirements for specific substrate to which the HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane will be bonded
  • ++When using HYDRO BAN liquid applied waterproofing membrane in conjunction with HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane be sure to overlap the HYDRO BAN liquid onto the HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane by 2” (50mm). Apply HYDRO BAN liquid in two coats ensuring the first coat dries to a uniform olive green color before the second coat is applied.

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N.º de producto 9455-0108-2 / 9455-0323-2
Patente núm.
Colores disponibles
Parte del sistema LATICRETE®
Disponibilidad por país Canada, United States
Substrates Baldosa y piedra natural de cerámica, Baldosa y piedra natural de cerámica, Basa base de yeso vertido, Cartón de yeso, Hormigón, Madera contrachapada encolada exterior, Mampostería de hormigón, Mampostería de ladrillos, Mortero de solera de cemento, Placa de soporte de cemento, Terrazo de cemento, Yeso de cemento
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