• Using the Right Caulk for the Job

    Posted on 06/17/2024
    In this blog post our Technical Services team outlines the top considerations when determining which caulk is right for the job. They'll provide an overview of how to caulk different areas and the correct type of caulk to use for each installation. 

  • Introducing Our New-and-Improved Website Experience

    Posted on 03/25/2024

    We’re excited to share with you a milestone that marks a significant leap forward for our brand and services: the launch of the redesigned LATICRETE website!

    In an age where digital presence is as crucial as the products and services we offer, our new website stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, accessibility, and user-centric design. Read about the enhancements launching globally in March. 

  • Easily Achieve the Perfect Polished Floor Finish with a Concrete Overlay

    Posted on 12/12/2023

    Polished concrete floors have gained immense popularity in both residential and commercial spaces for their durability and aesthetic appeal. However, when faced with imperfect concrete substrates with inconsistent aggregate, stains, or cracks, the path to achieving a polished concrete finish can be fraught with challenges. The answer to this conundrum? Polishable self-leveling overlays – a game-changing alternative to traditional concrete polishing. 

    In this blog post, we'll explore why and how these concrete overlays are an alternative solution for those who prefer to have a more uniform, consistent polished concrete look – and we’ll also do a deep dive into the polishing process as well as suggested maintenance.  


  • Mastering Grout Calculation: The Power of the Grout Calculator

    Posted on 10/20/2023
    Determining the precise amount of grout required for your tiling project is a crucial step in planning your job. The question "how much grout do I need?" is influenced by several factors that need careful consideration. Read this blog to learn more.

  • Transforming Backyard Paradises: Embracing the Patio Remodel Revolution

    Posted on 09/19/2023
    The surge in outdoor renovations calls for seasoned installers to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques, ensuring their clients receive an installation with exceptional results and longevity. Learn the key elements of successful outdoor renovations in this blog. 

  • Exploring the Skies and Strengthening Bonds

    Posted on 08/22/2023
    Ron Nash, President and COO of LATICRETE North America and Frank Donahue, Owner and Regional Director of Best Tile share their passion and friendship during their journey at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. It's a reminder that business relationships can evolve into something far more profound—a sense of kinship that transcends the conventional boundaries of professional interactions.

  • How to Replace a Shower Drain

    Posted on 08/10/2023
    Learn the various ways to to replace a shower drain using LATICRETE® HYDRO BAN® shower system products. 

  • How to Install a Shower Drain in Concrete

    Posted on 08/10/2023
    Learn two different ways on how to install a shower drain in concrete using the bonded mortar bed and unbonded mortar bed installation methods.

  • Using Grout to Elevate Your Tile Designs

    Posted on 05/18/2023
    We’ve seen countless articles about tile design trends and have been inspired by the beautiful images accompanying them. We can't help but think about how grout is often seen as an overlooked background character within the overall design plan. Although tile grout is seldom seen as the star of the show, it can actually be essential to transforming the overall look of a project. 

  • How to Clean Stone & Tile Showers and Bathrooms

    Posted on 04/05/2023
    It’s the one room of the house no one wants to clean… the bathroom. But it’s in the bathroom where your stone & tile surfaces may face their harshest conditions. With a little know-how, and of course the right STONETECH® care and maintenance products in hand, you can not only prevent issues, but also undo some of the unsightly stains left behind from past problems.  

  • How to Clean Tile Floors – Shower, Kitchen, & More

    Posted on 03/09/2023

    It’s a stone or tile floor…you can’t possibly damage it with a simple household cleaner, right? Well dear reader, that’s not the case at all. Many common household cleaners can do long lasting damage to your stone or tile floors, stripping them of sealers, dulling their finish, and making your grout susceptible to stains. So, before you grab that “all-purpose” cleaner, put down the mop and bucket and get some tips on how to clean stone & tile floors throughout your home.  


  • Top Considerations for Installing Radiant Floor Heat Systems

    Posted on 11/28/2022
    Now more than ever, homeowners are doubling down on their investments to add comfort to their private sanctuaries and increase the value of their homes. Often the best home improvements are the ones that go unnoticed but make a world of difference in the comfort and efficiency of the home. In particular, radiant floor heating is making waves in the home improvement space. The addition of radiant floor heating systems elevates the luxury of a space by providing a uniform and efficient heat source – which is ideal once the temperatures start dropping.

  • Cement Grout Care & Maintenance

    Posted on 10/25/2022
    The quality of cement based grouts continues to improve throughout the tile, stone and adhered masonry veneer industries. New technologies mean that grouts get harder, minimize efflorescence and are easier to install than previous technologies. It is important to note that no cement based grout is self-cleaning or absolutely stain-resistant. Regular and routine maintenance is required to maintain the long term beauty of the grout, and, wiping up spills quickly and thoroughly will help minimize the possibility of staining the grout. The following information will help to maintain the grout for many years.

  • Waterproofing Solutions are Key in Exterior Tile Installations

    Posted on 08/30/2022
    A home’s exterior is constantly exposed to water from a variety of environmental elements. Therefore, large-format tile exterior renovation projects are considered a challenging installation if not properly executed. Utilizing the proper waterproofing products is the solution. 

  • Customer-Centric Innovation at the Heart of LATICRETE Mortar and Grout Products

    Posted on 08/29/2022
    In the tile and stone industry, mortar and grout products are materials that are constantly being innovated with each iteration. One ongoing development in this sector includes pre-mixed grout, which is a no-mix, less mess alternative to traditional grout that aids workers in doing their jobs more efficiently.

  • A Truly Unique Look Requires a Truly Unique Grout: Three Reasons Why Mortar and Grout Play an Essential Role in Mosaic Tile Installations

    Posted on 08/26/2022
    Considered as some of the most demanding and intricate projects, a mosaic tile design is not just an aesthetically pleasing feature, it is a true work of bespoke art. When designers are creating a mosaic masterpiece, making sure their art will stand the test of time should be the least of their concerns. This is where the importance of choosing a quality mortar for mosaic tile.

  • LATICRETE Takes a Three-Pronged Approach to Industry Safety and Sustainability

    Posted on 08/25/2022
    With rising demand from industry stakeholders to improve our social impact and reduce construction’s negative effect on environmental health, building materials manufacturers have a unique role in providing sustainable solutions that both offer enhanced performance and create a better future. 

  • Are Heated Floors Worth It? Learn Why Radiant Floor Heating Systems Are!

    Posted on 08/24/2022
    Are heated floors worth it? Radiant floor heating systems have gone from an uncommon nicety exclusively seen in wealthy estates to an eco-friendly and affordable concept. Learn how STRATA_HEAT radiant floor heating systems can increase energy efficiency while providing uniform heat throughout your floors.

  • How to Use Social Media to Differentiate Your Business

    Posted on 05/04/2022
    To make an impact on your customers and reach new ones you must adapt your marketing strategies and learn new skills. According to Hubspot, companies targeting consumers will focus communications on social media first, then email, websites and blogs. Because social media is constantly changing and evolving, to help differentiate yourself from your competitors you should focus on what you can do on social media and do it well!

  • Creating Effective and Engaging Social Content

    Posted on 04/01/2022
    When you think about the content you share on your social media page, whether it be words, imagery or video, the first thing you should think about is, will this be engaging to your existing and potential customers? Content should evoke an emotional response or an action, such as a like, comment or share. When this happens, it helps you know that what you are posting adds value and is of interest. 

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