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Finishing Edge Profiles - Style 3 (Square End) are used to create a square decorative element at outside tile intersections while also providing edge protection. 




Finishing Edge Profiles - Style 3 (Square End) features a decorative square end that creates an artistic element at outside tile intersections while also providing edge protection against chipping and cracking of the unfinished tile edge.  Available in Anodized Aluminum and Texture Coated Aluminum.


Suitable for residential and commercial projects, they can be used indoors and outdoors as an alternative to traditional tile trim.   

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Merkmale und Vorteile

  • May be used for wall or countertop installations
  • Creates a clean, professional appearance
  • Protect the tile from chipping and cracking
  • May be used as a decorative or design element
  • Delineate transitions between materials of the same height
  • Protects users from sharp edges and corners
  • Alternative to traditional tile trim



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Teil eines Systems LATICRETE®
Verfügbarkeit nach Land Canada, United States
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