Floor Warming Thermostat

Floor Warming Thermostat is a simple to use digital programmable thermostat designed to be used with LATICRETE floor warming mats.

Floor Warming Thermostat is a simple to use digital programmable thermostat designed to be used with LATICRETE floor warming mats. Thermostats are available with a 5 mA built–in GFCI and 120 V or 240 V configurations

All electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician. Failure to do so will void all warranties and claims. Comply with all applicable building and electrical codes.

  • Advanced floor control maximizes comfort and energy savings
  • 15 A (res.), 50/60 Hz
  • 4 wires/DPST with full double-pole disconnect
  • 15 ft. sensor (4.5 m) included
  • Easily accessible floor sensor connector
  • Built-in GFCI with test light
  • 7-day programmable
  • Epoxy soundproofed
  • On/Standby switch

Installation Information


Product Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets

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Grace says...

Great product overall. Two reasons I would not give it 5 star are it comes without programming manual and it shows temprature in F and can't change to C.

Mike says...

Grace, I agree it is ridiculous that it doesn't come with a manual. Somewhere in the documentation it says to refer to the Floor Warming installation manual but there is nothing in there on programming the thermostat. Anyway, regarding your comment on changing to Celsius, if you look in the documentation online it tells you how to do it. There are 3 switches on the inside back of the thermostat, the #1 switch needs to be up.

MHL says...

Where do you find a manual?

FP says...

The installation docs, wiring schematic and user's guide are all directly above.

LAC says...

I thought the builders threw out the manual by mistake! So, frustrating not knowing how to use the thermostat! Thankfully I found the youtube directions! Maybe I can get warm now!

Guest says...

Great product. Beeps when it activates. No alerts . Is that normal?

Ellen says...

While we love the product, the inability to download a copy of the manual for changing the thermostat is a big negative. Living in an over 55 community means I have to write my own manual to save with the house papers for that future sale. Or when we no longer have internet access.

gerald says...

I've got a thermostat manual in spanish but not in english. Can I download a manual in English?

Ken@LATICRETE says...

@Gerald - Yes, the English language installation guide and user guide are available as PDF files under "Installation Information" above.

José says...

Great product! Highly recommend! The user guide was included with the product and it is easy to follow.

Dave says...

Wife's toes are warm in morning, all is good. Warming of floor does not extend much past the mats if you want heat on all the floor, install mats under all the floor.

Jill says...

My tile installer left me with a User Guide that explains how to program the thermostat. It is just one large sheet of paper, not a book. So if you don't have one, it's probably because the installer tossed it. Unfortunately, I'm only viewing this page today because my thermostat appears to have burned out! But we did have 3 or so years of use from it.

Gregg says...

Good unit but I agree with others of lack of paper manuel in the docs. Got it from the website. We find that 85F is not enough for comfort but can't program it in the F-Mode to 89. Any tips?

wggmn3 says...

It may be terrific but.. it's the most complicated thermostat I've ever dealt with.. once you've figured it out (thanks to this vid) at least it works well.. and looks cool...

JZ says...

Agree with previous reviews good product but very little info. available. My contractor did not know how to set the thermostat so I have set everything but I don't know what the E.S switch on the back is for can someone tell me

Tammy Winter says...

We love our Laticrete Floor Heating. This is our second house that we have the Laticrete Floor Heating in. We had a problem with one of the conrollers (1 problem in 7 years), Laticrete had a replacement controller in the mail the same day. Thanks Rick Corino! We would highly recommend Laticrete Floor Heating.

Ralph says...

Love tis product! My wife and I installed the mat with ease in 2 bathrooms. We had trouble programming just like most folks in the reviews. I found this data sheet online: http://www.laticrete.com/Portals/0/datasheets/DS6065.pdf Also some good YouTube tutorials.

John Bramble says...

Here is a link to the programming instructions. I'd like to thank my local public librarian for helping me find this...http://www.laticrete.com/Portals/0/datasheets/DS6065.pdf

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